"The monster lures" - Art by Clover
"Monster" by Jose Manuel Conde Prol [Clover] is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 3.0 Unported License.

 The monster lures


“Sometimes” - Art by Clover
Sometimes by J.M. Conde Prol [Clover] is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 3.0 Unported License.
Sometimes I Get Lost In Dreams [http://allclovers.bandcamp.com/]
Girl: Mommy... sometimes I get lost in dreams... and when I wake up... I feel I lost myself
Mother: You are a silly little mouse. You can´t get lost in dreams. And if you did so, you would wake up
Then she´s left to toilet
The man: Child, You were saying truth. You can get lost into dreams, and sometimes you can´t find yourself
Her mommy is back
Mother: What did that man say to you?
Girl: Truth. He was speaking truth.
Then the airplane lands and the little girl asks
Girl: Sir, I got a question. Sometimes, in dreams, I think I remember how to fly, but then when I wake up, I don´t. Is it that I remember how to fly, and I just forgot, or is it that I never knew how?
The Man: Sometimes in dreams you remember. When you wake up, you allways forget.
Girl: But that´s not fair
The Man: No. It´s not fair...But the truth is...

music from better times

Honey † Cold cave | Clover Stolen Beats

My new sounds

Hi!!! I’m glad to introduces you our band, Clover… Recently we’ve finished our debut album, “The Stolen Beats”, a psychedelic one hour trip to the deepest corners of human mind…

“The Stolen Beats” was recorded 9 of April 2011 at Nelo’s home, one take, no cuts; only vocals were overdubbed. In order to respect the spirit of our trip we’ve decided not to split the record in different tracks (nevertheless, we named each part as a narrative experience, and in some cases we split it for uploading-sharing reasons). There’s no beginning without end, nor ending without a begin…

Clover are: Nelo (Sampler; Guitar; Voices) & Jose Manuel Conde Prol (Guitar)

Enjoy the trip!!!

Free download of the full album without cuts!!!

More info & Contact:





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Water echoes † Loaded guns | Clover Stolen Beats

My new sounds

Hey maaan! Everybody shut up! Tom is taking the floor!!!

and romeo says hey man gimme a cigarette
and they all reach for their pack
and frankie lights it for him and pats him on the back
and throws bottle at a milk truck
and as it breaks he grabs his nuts
and they all know they could be just like romeo
if they only had the guts

«Por eso vivía sin más continuidad que la del día a día, la del yo a yo. Día a día de las mujeres, día a día de la virtud o del vicio, día a día como los perros, pero yo mismo todos los días, sólido, en mi sitio. Avanzaba así por la superficie de la vida, sobre las palabras, por decirlo de algún modo, nunca sobre la realidad. ¡Tantos libros apenas leídos, tantos amigos apenas amados, tantas ciudades apenas visitadas, tantas mujeres apenas poseídas! Hacía gestos por aburrimiento o por distracción. Los seres pasaban, querían agarrarse, pero no encontraban asidero y era una desgracfia. Para ellos. Porque en cuanto a mí, yo lo olvidaba. Nunca me acordé más que de mí mismo.»

                                                                                Albert Camus, La caída

Los vimos en el Primavera Sound 2009, y hemos tenido la oportunidad de volver a verlos en el Primavera Sound 2011. Una noche simplemente inolvidable.

Walking free
Come with me
Far away
Every day